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A Community of Believers
First Reformed Church in Grandville, MI is a community of people on a journey together seeking to be faithful in following Jesus Christ.

We believe worship should be joy-filled, using a variety of music. We believe in intellectual integrity; rightly dividing the Word of Truth. We acknowledge that no one has “arrived,” but that we journey together, caring for each other, holding each other up in prayer, and walking together through times of joy and sorrow.

We like to laugh. We like to eat. We like to meet new people. There are teaching and learning opportunities for every age. Check out our website for information galore! We welcome the opportunity to meet you!

Sunday, September 20, at 9:30 AM
We are embracing a “Worship Only” approach for the initial phase.  (Wilson Ave. doors only, to open at 9:10 AM).

This Sunday’s lesson is actually the second story of Israel’s journey through the wilderness. By a series of dramatic divine acts, the slaves find themselves delivered to the other side of the Red Sea. Yahweh has triumphed decisively over Pharaoh and his hosts. The now freed slaves rested at the oasis of Elim; then they set out into the wilderness. The wilderness is aptly named. There in the desert they will find themselves in a daily life-and-death struggle for survival. The Sinai Peninsula will be for the Israelites not only a place of deprivation and want, but also a place of moral and spiritual testing. If they thought Pharaoh’s troops were a threat to their survival, wait until they are in the wilderness.

What does this mean?

It means that for the entire first phase of our return (the first month) the facility would be used exclusively for worship, both FRC and La Casa.  Staff could work during the week, but only be in the office areas.  All non-worship gatherings would be postponed until further notice. We will keep this as fluid as possible with regular updates as we take our cue from the medical community regarding the virus spread in West Michigan.

This is the current list of guidelines being implemented for our worship time:

  • Nursery will NOT be available. No “Children in Worship” program nor educational classes of any kind for the time being.
  • No friendship registers, hymnals or Bibles will be available.
  • Offering collection baskets will be available in the Narthex only.
  • Masks will be required to attend worship.  Church will provide a mask if you forget yours. THIS WILL NOT BE OPTIONAL, SO BRING YOUR MASKS. Congregational singing and speaking will be eliminated for the time being.
  • Elders will greet and direct you to your seats. You will not likely get your regular seat. Every other pew will be closed. We will seat from the front to the back (6 feet between family groups) and exit in the reverse order. You will be encouraged to sit immediately upon entering the church, and leave the building immediately after worship.
  • No paper bulletins provided.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available in abundance.
  • .Only the Wilson Avenue doors will be open for entry (The Main Entrance and the Portico entrance which provides access to the elevator if needed).
  • We will have overflow seating in the gym with a video feed if our numbers are larger than our restrictions in the sanctuary.
  • The balcony will be closed.

This is really good news, in spite of the restrictions. Our guidelines will be fluid and updated regularly as we ease into this new normal. We think the above guidelines will be in place at least one month. If you are uncomfortable with returning on the June 14 date, please know that our service will be available live stream, and online as has always been the case.

Hope to see you on June 14!

Growing Young Together

We have teamed up with Fuller Youth Institute’s Growing Young team, which provides us with resources & tools to gather vital insights about First’s effectiveness with the youth in the Grandville community.

Through gathering insights and feedback from the entire congregation, we are working to grow together, with all generations represented, in Christ’s family.

This is an exciting time at First Reformed Church as we grow intergenerationally.

Vibrant Youth Programs

Get Involved

What gifts do you have? At First, there is a place for you to use those gifts and passions to further God’s Kingdom. In each of our ministries, you’ll have an opportunity to bless others and be blessed.