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A Community of Believers
First Reformed Church in Grandville, MI is a community of people on a journey together seeking to be faithful in following Jesus Christ.

We believe worship should be joy-filled, using a variety of music. We believe in intellectual integrity; rightly dividing the Word of Truth. We acknowledge that no one has “arrived,” but that we journey together, caring for each other, holding each other up in prayer, and walking together through times of joy and sorrow.

We like to laugh. We like to eat. We like to meet new people. There are teaching and learning opportunities for every age. Check out our website for information galore! We welcome the opportunity to meet you!

Sunday, December 5, at 9:30AM

We have characterized Advent as a season of preparation. And yet, there is a sense in which we can’t prepare for Christ’s advent into our world and into our lives because life itself is preparing us. In all those ways in which life casts us into situations where we stumble in the darkness and can’t find our way, when we don’t know which way to turn, when we have exhausted our possibilities and have come to a dead end, life is preparing us to admit that which is hard to admit in our culture: we need help. That’s when we are truly prepared to hear the good news of Advent: help is on the way.

Growing Young Together

We have teamed up with Fuller Youth Institute’s Growing Young team, which provides us with resources & tools to gather vital insights about First’s effectiveness with the youth in the Grandville community.

Through gathering insights and feedback from the entire congregation, we are working to grow together, with all generations represented, in Christ’s family.

This is an exciting time at First Reformed Church as we grow intergenerationally.

Vibrant Youth Programs

Get Involved

What gifts do you have? At First, there is a place for you to use those gifts and passions to further God’s Kingdom. In each of our ministries, you’ll have an opportunity to bless others and be blessed.