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One of our missionaries we support, Dave McCleery, will be bringing us the message, along with mission updates from a few missionaries.

Lost and Found

September 11, 2022
This parable teaches that just as sheep, by nature, stray from their shepherd, so humans, because of our sinful nature, are lost and in need of rescue by Jesus. The…

The Foundation of Following

September 4, 2022
It can be hard to balance Jesus’ generosity with his intense call to follow. How do they go together? This passage includes some very challenging words from Jesus about considering…

Judge Jesus

August 28, 2022
Jesus is not in a “religious” setting in this story. He is at a social event. He is not there as a teacher in an educational setting. He is at…

You Are No Ox

August 21, 2022
God does not save us because we ask God to save us. God does not save us because we deserve to be saved. No, in Jesus’ interaction with this twisted…

Grace Driven Effort

August 14, 2022
As Christians, we are called to put sin to death. What does that actually mean? If God is actually sovereign, which he is. If we are saved by grace through…
By narrating the stories of these exemplars of faith, the author of Hebrews surely means for hearers to read themselves into the journey of faith. We are to take Abraham…

Church on a Mission

July 31, 2022
The Rev. Melanie Vlietstra-Kilgore will be joining us for worship. The message will be a dialogue between Melanie and Pastor Jeff Watson as they share their vision for the church…

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

July 24, 2022
This Sunday’s Gospel is a collection of Jesus’s sayings and parables about prayer that contains Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer. I propose that we focus upon the Lord’s Prayer…

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