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In His hometown, Jesus is “no big deal.” We are even told that he couldn’t do miracles there because of their lack of faith…BUT He DID heal some folks anyway,…

Faith & Desperation

June 27, 2021
Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to tell anybody about these two miraculous acts of compassion; one for the woman with the issue of blood and the other for…

A Stormy Venture

June 20, 2021
Mark is once again teaching us in parables. This time the teaching is an account of Jesus and his disciples in a storm. “Who then is this?” They ask that…

Mustard Seed Thinking

June 13, 2021
These two parables focus on the core message of Jesus. Wherever Jesus went he talked about the Kingdom of God. This is the heartbeat of his life and mission and…

Getting Back to Normal

June 6, 2021
By the time we come to the third chapter of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus has stirred up opposition and it begins to conspire against Jesus (Mark 3:6). Jesus has organized his…

Children of God

May 30, 2021
Christ enters in and tells us that we can no longer be who we thought we were, that we are by the power of the Spirit Children of God.  We…
Here we are given the opportunity to explore the implications of Jesus’s resurrection and ascension for our daily practice of the faith in our Christian lives. Nobody is expected to…

Abide and Obey

May 16, 2021
In our passage this morning Jesus commands his disciples to, “Love one another as I have loved you.” This is the secret sauce to loving in a love-starved world. Sacrificial…
Perhaps this lesson from Acts about selecting a successor for Judas can be an invitation for us to note and to underscore that, when we attend to human organizations and…

Come on In!

May 2, 2021
The story of the Ethiopian eunuch is pivotal in the early church.  The image I get of the church in Acts is a group of people breathlessly attempting to keep…

Photo Galleries

Advent Festival 2020

This year our Advent Festival was a drive-thru event. We have included pictures from the drive-thru and also pictures that were sent in of people at home doing their crafts.

February 16, 2020

Kids helped plan and participated in this service. You did great!

Kick Off Sunday

September 8, 2019 we kicked off our Fall church programming with a lunch!