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The Glory of the Small Things

February 11, 2024
There is something about the “big moments” of life that excites us. This is true of our faith journey as well. When we think of God we think of big…

Love Interrupts

February 4, 2024
At the center of most religions and most philosophies sits the idea of karma. If you are good, then good things happen to you, and if you are bad, bad…
We’re all chasing after something. We’re all looking for meaning, purpose, and life in things that will never fully satisfy us. Whenever we try to find the deep soul satisfaction…


January 21, 2024

The Search for Meaning

January 7, 2024

God With the World

December 31, 2023

At the comings of Jesus, we see three things happening. Fear is being replaced with good news of great joy. Worship is being reordered. And the cosmos are being flipped…

God With Us

December 24, 2023
There are three things that we know about the wise men in the Christmas story. We know about their journey, their worship, and their gifts. These three details teach a…

God with Mary

December 17, 2023
In the song of Mary, we see how Mary saw herself in what God is doing. There are three expressions that we will look at today. These three expressions will…

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