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During this series of sermons, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the nature of Israel's God who promises deliverance to the captives and then keeps promising to preserve…

A Pop Quiz and Open Doors

August 23, 2020
A two-question pop quiz.  Who do people say Jesus is?  Who do you say Jesus is?  This is not a question to be figured out as much as it is…

God’s Mysterious Ways

August 16, 2020
This is the moving climax of a long and drawn out story.  Joseph's brothers, who had sold him into slavery several chapters ago, have just finished a rousing speech.  As…

Through the Waters

August 9, 2020

We Gentiles can rejoice that God has graciously chosen to adopt us into God's family against nature, common sense, and good taste without thinking (blasphemously) that our inclusion is to…

Seaside Stories

July 26, 2020
Jesus uses little seeds to teach that the gospel is small and yet incredibly great - hidden treasure and a pearl to teach of joy and action - Engage the…
The Bible sets before us a problem that has affected individuals and whole nations throughout history.  Simply put, it's the problem that LIFE ISN'T ALWAYS FAIR!  Consider the Covid Crisis.

Swept Up into Life

July 12, 2020
When it comes to our ultimate destiny, what's next, our fates are in the hand of a merciful God.  The same God who daily, throughout our lives, has shown such…
Let's be honest.  Most of us hope for a life that's unburdened, where we are free from all yokes around our necks.  Then here comes God's Son, Savior of the…

Practicing Hospitality

June 28, 2020
When we reach out, open our lives, receive and offer the grace of God in the smallest of ways, in breaking bread, in sharing a cup, we encounter another, we…

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