Dumpster Diving

September 26, 2021
The Christian Church rarely talks about hell, but here is one of the places where Jesus mentions it. His purpose was not judging people to go to heaven or hell.…

The Paths We Travel

September 12, 2021
Jesus in telling the disciples who he is also shows them the path that he will have to travel.  What he tells them doesn’t line up with expectations for what…


September 5, 2021
Both people in today’s story were outsiders. All of us are outsiders. None of us have any right or any standing before God. Like the Syrophoenician woman and the deaf…

Habitual Givers

August 29, 2021

The Unseen Enemy

August 22, 2021
It's important for us to recognize and understand the subtleties of satan's maneuvering in our lives and how to put on the armor that is Christ. Satan works through deception,…

Projecting God

August 15, 2021
We all harbor certain images of God in our hearts and minds.  We will look at some of those images today and ultimately declare that the best "projection" in this…
Jesus turns His discussion about bread in a new direction.  He declares that we are to feed on Him!  Most often, our faith journey contains doctrine and creed, and deep…
Following the miraculous feeding of the 5000, the crowds crowd around Jesus because they received the feeding…they wanted more of what Jesus could give them…but Jesus is on to them,…

All in a Day’s Work!

July 25, 2021
Two of Jesus’ amazing miracles happen in these 21 verses: he feeds 5000, and then walks on the water! All in a day’s work for Jesus. Here, the gospel writer,…

Photo Galleries

Advent Festival 2020

This year our Advent Festival was a drive-thru event. We have included pictures from the drive-thru and also pictures that were sent in of people at home doing their crafts.

February 16, 2020

Kids helped plan and participated in this service. You did great!

Kick Off Sunday

September 8, 2019 we kicked off our Fall church programming with a lunch!