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The Prodigal Son

July 23, 2023
This story emphasizes the father's graciousness more than the two sons' sinfulness and brokenness. We all have a home with God, both the sinner and the righteous. We are all…
The God of the universe has invested in each of us for our joy and His glory. Discovering and living into that investment provides us with what we’ve been searching…

Ask, Seek, Knock

July 2, 2023
How do we pray? That's what the disciples asked Jesus. Jesus responds by sharing this parable about a friend at midnight. When we take a closer look at this parable,…

The Good Samaritan

June 25, 2023
Jesus proposes a whole new way of living life. One that doesn’t think about ourselves first but thinks of others. The lawyer says, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus says, “Be…

Two Builders

June 18, 2023
Two builders hear the same words of Jesus, but only one puts them into action. Hearing and doing is the solid foundation of the wise man’s house. This builder has…

Seeds & Bread

June 11, 2023
Jesus tells two short stories to unpack what the Kingdom of God is all about. These two parables highlight the small beginnings and hiddenness of the Kingdom. Jesus encourages us…

How’s Your Dirt?

June 4, 2023
Jesus portrays his listeners as one of four soils, but only one is desired. The question is, “Are we that soil?” And if not, what do we need to do?
The gospel is not only Jesus coming and dying to save us from our sins; it's also the story of God establishing his dwelling, dominion, and dynasty in the world.…

Not a Goodbye

May 21, 2023
After Jesus was resurrected, he was on the earth for 40 more days. Then he gathered his followers where they were ready for Jesus to begin his new kingdom. But…
We are all called to make disciples of Christ. Hospitality, evangelism, and faithful presence are three ways we can do this, wherever God has placed us.

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