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Lord, Teach Us to Pray

July 24, 2022
This Sunday’s Gospel is a collection of Jesus’s sayings and parables about prayer that contains Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer. I propose that we focus upon the Lord’s Prayer…

Off in the Ditch

July 10, 2022
In the story of the Good Samaritan, what if we identify with the person in the ditch, the dying, half-dead one who is utterly dependent upon others for life itself?…

Plays Well with Others

July 3, 2022
Jesus’s representatives are not to be paralyzed by rejection. Shake the dust from your shoes and move on (Luke 10:11). Our task is to witness, not to control the response…
Jesus is commenting on the high cost of discipleship and the fate that may await the disciples because they follow him. Let the dead bury the dead. Leave home and…

The Unknown

June 19, 2022
In this familiar story Jesus is both the known and unknown.  He is instantly recognized for who he is by the demons and yet he is a mysterious stranger for…
Romans 5:1–8:39 is Paul’s understanding of the life of believers. We live in an interim between Christ’s resurrection triumph and Christ’s completion of the work that has been begun in…

Eldad and Medad

June 5, 2022
A little known passage from Numbers shares about the power of the Holy Spirit given to prophets Eldad and Medad, which sheds some light on the powerful story of Pentecost.…

Can I Get a Witness?

May 29, 2022
The ascension of Christ marked the conclusion of His ministry on earth and His bodily presence. It also exalted Him to the right hand of the Father. At the same…


May 22, 2022
In this passage (Jesus’ farewell discourse) Jesus says that he and the Father will come and make their dwelling with those who love him and keep his word. The emphasis…

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