If the church said, "Christ is ruler of the church (and only, the church)," then we could say that, though his kingdom is small, it is growing.  But the church…
We mainline Christians are apt to be discomforted by Matthew's apocalyptic predictions.  There's no doubt that Matthew (in a way unlike Mark, Luke, or John) asserts that divine judgment is…

Self-Serving Worship

November 8, 2020
God is the active maker of history in Joshua's account who took Abram's hand and led him into a new land.  Abraham didn't seem to have much choice in the…

Learning from the Saints

November 1, 2020
Amid all the judgment and dread, this Sunday's reading from Revelation gives God's people a glimpse of the divine blessing that awaits them.  Four angels guard the four corners of…

Mission Sunday

October 25, 2020

Upside Down Kingdom

October 18, 2020
When push comes to shove, forgiveness is tough. When we hear the word forgiveness, it can stir up several different emotions. Often the areas of life that need forgiveness are…

Jesus is Worthy of Our Trust

October 11, 2020

Production Report

October 4, 2020
As followers of Christ we are given and entrusted with many things.  We are stewards of creation and even fed at the Lord's own Table.  While this is a great…
The commissioning service of Pastor Jose Rivas.
This Sunday’s lesson is actually the second story of Israel’s journey through the wilderness. By a series of dramatic divine acts, the slaves find themselves delivered to the other side…

Photo Galleries

Advent Festival 2020

This year our Advent Festival was a drive-thru event. We have included pictures from the drive-thru and also pictures that were sent in of people at home doing their crafts.

February 16, 2020

Kids helped plan and participated in this service. You did great!

Kick Off Sunday

September 8, 2019 we kicked off our Fall church programming with a lunch!