January 10, 2021

Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Passage: Mark 1:4-11; Acts 19:1-7

There is both continuity and difference between the ministry of John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth.  John's bapism is a "baptism of repentance."  But the Messiah, "will baptize...with the Holy Spirit" (Mark 1:8).  Jesus's baptism is one in which the Spirit is bestowed.  Baptism "into Jesus" or "into the name of Jesus" is Holy Spirit baptism, baptism with the gift of the Spirit.  In the only instance of "rebaptism," in the Bible, Paul baptizes again those who are already called "disciples" (Acts 19:1) but who have not yet received the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is so inextricably connected to baptism in the name of Jesus that it is unimaginable to Paul that people could be "baptized" and not have even heard of the Holy Spirit.

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