January 5, 2020

Jesus Christ is Seizing Us!

Passage: John 1:1-18

John begins at the beginning, intentionally paralleling much of the language from Genesis (which means “In the beginning”). If you thought that the birth of Christ was a sweet story that occurred in a little corner of the Near East or if you thought that the Christian faith is something that is personal, subjective, and individual, think again. Christ is cosmic, from the very beginning. Verses 2-4 stress Jesus’s role as creator with God. God has reiterated himself in Jesus. Christ is God’s Word in the flesh, the Word of creation (Then God said). Salvation in Jesus Christ is not God’s Plan B after God’s Plan A for humanity failed. Christ was before the world was. “The Word was with God in the beginning,” and that Word is nothing less than God. He has come to seize us to himself!

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