Dealing With Your Doubt

April 30, 2023
It’s easy to think of doubt as a sign of weak faith. But it’s not. God isn’t afraid of our doubts, so we don’t have to be either. Like Thomas,…

Blessed Walk

April 23, 2023
Talking about spiritual matters is a very important means of grace. As iron sharpens iron, so the exchange of thoughts with the brothers sharpens the soul of the believer.  Doing…

He Knows Our Name

April 16, 2023
As Christians, we are to stand firm in the presence of Jesus because he knows our name. As we witness all that the resurrected Christ has done and is doing…

I Am the True Vine

April 2, 2023
Just as a branch cannot bear fruit without the vine, we cannot fully live our purpose without Jesus. When we abide in Him and obey His commands, we walk in…
The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Three bold statements that frame a context for how we are to view God. We all long for something more. A home for…

The Good Shepherd

March 19, 2023
Last week, we talked about how Jesus is the door that we approach. In this passage, we look at how God is the good shepherd that approaches us and why…

I Am the Door

March 12, 2023
There are many things in our world that claim to have what we’re looking for, but only Jesus can offer true, lasting salvation.

The Light of the World

March 5, 2023
I am the light of the world. What does that mean? In Genesis chapter 1, the earth is formless, void, and dark, and God says, “Let there be light.” What…

The Bread of Life

February 26, 2023
In this passage, Jesus highlights that just as we have physical appetites and needs that need to be fed, we must also pay attention to our spiritual appetites and nutritional…

From Miserable to Miracle

February 19, 2023
Today Jeff Muller, a member of our congregation, will be giving his testimony on his journey through two liver transplants.