The Perfect Revelation

December 24, 2022
On Christmas Eve, our people believe that they already know and understand the significance of this day.  In a way, they do.  And yet we will want to let the…

The Birth of a Baby

December 18, 2022
Matthew 1:18-25 presents the nativity, not as a return to some beloved, reassuring, comfortable time and place that’s a treasured childhood memory. Rather, here we have the birth of Jesus…

Expectations, Prison, and Joy

December 11, 2022
Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another? John’s question is exactly what we should be asking as we prepare for Christmas. Who…

Preparing in the Wilderness

December 4, 2022
Word of God, preparing for Christmas in the midst of difficulties, uncertainties, and unrest.

The Hope of the World

November 27, 2022
As we enter Advent, we come across these strange scriptures…they are apocalyptic scriptures, which merely mean they are telling us about or warning us about what will happen in the…

End Times?

November 13, 2022
When we read Jesus’ words correctly in Luke 21, we begin to realize that it was not the distant horizon of history that was supposed to occupy our minds but…

Navigating a New World

November 6, 2022
Here we are listening in on an argument. Jesus is responding to hostile critics. This is the only time in Luke’s Gospel that Jesus has a debate with Sadducees. Perhaps…

A Seeking Savior

October 30, 2022
In this familiar story, Jesus is communicating three things. To the people, he communicated: I am the one who seeks and saves, which according to Ezekiel, is God himself. In…