Eldad and Medad

June 5, 2022
A little known passage from Numbers shares about the power of the Holy Spirit given to prophets Eldad and Medad, which sheds some light on the powerful story of Pentecost.…

Can I Get a Witness?

May 29, 2022
The ascension of Christ marked the conclusion of His ministry on earth and His bodily presence. It also exalted Him to the right hand of the Father. At the same…


May 22, 2022
In this passage (Jesus’ farewell discourse) Jesus says that he and the Father will come and make their dwelling with those who love him and keep his word. The emphasis…

Breaking Boundaries

May 15, 2022
Today, we are reading the conclusion of the story of Peter and Cornelius which appears in the previous chapter. It’s a story that could be taken as encapsulating the grand…

A Most Demanding Job

May 1, 2022
John gives us a story of a dark night of fishing failure that is interrupted, transformed by Jesus into a story of great abundance. When the disciples dare to do…

Bodily, Tangible Proof

April 24, 2022
John tells us about Thomas’ reluctance to believe his fellow disciples. It’s rather amazing that though Thomas and his fellow disciples have doubts, confusion, and fear, it is to them—in…

The Empty Tomb

April 17, 2022
The tomb is empty. The resurrection of Jesus makes the gospel story not merely a great experience to read but a life-changing power. Apart from the resurrection, Jesus was just…

Maundy Thursday Worship

April 14, 2022
We will recall the prophecies made and promises fulfilled in scripture and celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.