We are currently participating in Fuller Youth Institute’s “Growing Young” program. Fuller Youth Institute conducted groundbreaking research with over 250 leading congregations to learn what they do to involve and retain young people in their congregations. In addition, research proved that innovative churches who engage younger generations position their church to breathe life, vitality, and energy into the whole church.

Through this process, our goal at First Reformed is to learn what’s most essential to help young people love our church, and find ways to include intergenerational relationships and mentoring. We are focusing on six essential strategies:

  1. Unlock Key Chain Leadership
  2. Emphasize with Today’s Young People
  3. Take Jesus’ Message Seriously
  4. Fuel a Warm Community
  5. Prioritize Young People and Families Everywhere
  6. Be the Best Neighbors

Since January 2019, a team of nine members (ages 17 – 70) that span many generations has been established, trained, mentored, coached, and equipped by Fuller Youth Institute to implement Growing Young at First Reformed. Meeting monthly, this team continues their two-year long+ process of strategizing how First Reformed Church can grow young. Great progress is being made and we praise God for this opportunity.

There are two town hall meetings that provide an opportunity for all to share their insights and feedback about growing together. Join us July 28 and/or August 11 after the morning service for roundtable discussions. We welcome your participation. Nursery provided. Meeting lasts one hour (11:00 – Noon) and lunch is included.

Questions or Comments about Growing Young?
Please feel free to contact:

  • Pastor Bud Pratt
  • Jeff Watson – Youth Pastor
  • Linda Timmerman
  • Pam Ritsema
  • Kristy Muller
  • Tony Williams
  • Kendra Veldheer
  • Maddie Kievit
  • Matthew Muller

Help Kids Keep Their Roots, Even As They Spread Their Wings

To learn more about Fuller Youth Institute and their cutting-edge research, click here. 

The best way to find out more about us and to learn how we are “growing young” is to visit us. We would love to meet you. We have staff and volunteers available, at our information center, available after every worship service, for those who have questions, want to know more, or get involved. You are also welcome to attend any of our other events throughout the week, all of which are listed on our “Events” page.