Serving at the Table

At First, everyone is welcome to the buffet of worship, fellowship, and community. Becoming a member means you are coming around to the serving side of the table where you are willing to serve and welcome others. No matter what side of the table you see yourself on today, you are always welcome.


Membership Classes
An “Inquirer’s Class” is held frequently throughout the year, led by Pastor Bud Pratt, and designed to help you determine if First Reformed Church is the place for you. The class will last for 4 Sundays (during the Sunday school hour). Individuals and/or families interested in membership or just wanting more information about the RCA or First Church are encouraged to attend this class. Theology is discussed, as well as church programming, expectations, history, and what it means to belong to the Reformed Church in America. At the end of the class, participants have an opportunity to join our family of faith.

The best way to find out more about us is to visit us. We would love to meet you. We have staff and volunteers available, at our information center, available after every worship service, for those who have questions, want to know more, or get involved. You are also welcome to attend any of our other events throughout the week, all of which are listed on our “Events” page.