Parents – completing the “Student Registration Form” is also permission for the student(s) to participate in any field trips which you will be notified about in the bulletin and/or a note sent home with your child prior to the event. Also, for the safety and security of your child(ren) this form is referenced in case of an emergency on church premises and we need to contact you.

Student Registration Form

    Please check all programs below that your child(ren) may attend.

    Nursery (wristband and parent required to sign in/out)Young 3's (parent required to sign child in/out)Children in Worship (parent required to sign child in/out )Focus (Children ages 3-Kindergarten required to have parent sign them in/out)Sunday SchoolOther

    Student Info

    Contact Info

    Alternate contact in the event parents are unavailable:

    Authorized Pickup

    Note: if there is any person who should NOT take this student from class, please speak directly to Angie Walker, Children's Ministry Director.

    Heath Concerns

    Parents: The staff of all student activities wants to ensure the full safety and security of your child while in the various church youth programs and activities throughout the week. You, as the parents, are responsible to make certain that your child arrives at his/her designated room for the activity he/she is attending; you are also responsible to meet your child at the same place at the end of the activity, or make appropriate arrangements for someone else to pick your child up or to meet your child at a pre-determined location. The staff is solely responsible for the attendance and safety of your child from the time the activity begins and until the activity ends, including the orderly escorting of your child from area to area as needed during an activity period. There are procedures and checks in place to ensure your child's safety while in our charge, and we rely on the parents for supervision before and after the designated class time. Your signatures below ensure us that you have read and understand these responsibilities and is consent to publish photos and/or videos that your child may possibly be in when participating in FRC programming and/or events.